With the use of modern information technology DRAXIS has set up a basic infrastructure (design of operational principles and requirement analysis) of environmental software, in order to undertake the development of customized applications and databases at a fraction of the cost.

  • Creation of specialized applications
  • Creation of Automatism Software
  • Creation of Software of statistical forecasting and parameters analysis
  • Simulation models of air pollution and noise

Also DRAXIS offers commercial products, which have resulted from up to now collaborations, in order to provide air pollution forecast (PAL-Vision) and noise levels from road transport (CRTN-Vision).


DRAXIS, having conducted tens of thousants of approved environmental studies can guarantee the successful development and management of even the most diverse environmental study cases on issues related to air pollution, noise, geological, hydrological study as well as  numerous management of the natural environment and flora-fauna projects related to the subject areas shown in the list below: 

  • Renewable Energy Sources 
  • Industrial Plants
  • Tourism Projects
  • Construction Projects (Airports, Port projects, Infrastructure)

In addition, DRAXIS undertakes studies of safety of industrial installations (safety management) and industrial accidents (industrial accidents-SEVESO). The company's experience in this area is very large. Moreover the company has participated in numerous studies and related research projects (SATAME), commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works. 


The company provides professional expert advice in areas relating to:

  • Environmental Impact Analysis, occurring from the application of environmental policies and measures
  • Energy issues
  • Studies for European projects
  • Studies of safety and risk
  • Environmental databases systems  

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