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GNORASI - "Knowledge and processing algorithms data-flow development tool for remote sensing data management"
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Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or a phenomenon through the use of sensor devices that are not in physical contact with the observed entity. Although it may encompass a wide gamut of sensor technologies (e.g. magnetic resonanse images, ultrasound systems, etc), in its modern usage, the term generally refers to the use of imaging sensor technologies, such as aerial and satellite images. Remote sensing applications have a direct effect on a multidute of public interest services as well as on specialized scientific fields, since they make it possible to collect and analyse critical data that would be otherwise inaccessible and too costly to acquire if collected on the ground. Indicative examples include the creation of maps regarding land usage and conservation, weather forecasts based on the monitoring of meteorological paramenters, research into climate changes, etc.

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"GNORASI" aims to advance the current state of the art in research and development of knowledge-based image interpretation applications by providing a generic, modular, platform for the systematic coupling of image processing algorithms and formal knowledge. With a special focus in remote sensing, “GNORASI” aspires to make an essential contribution towards the effective analysis and exploitation of remote sensing information to administration tasks regarding a variety of public interest services related to standard and quality of living, as well as economical growth aspects. Towards this end, the proposed “GNORASI” framework, forming an integrated platform is expected to significantly facilate and advance the efficient development of industrial solutions and support service providers to successfully meet the needs of the market in a profitable way.

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