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eEnviPer - "A single multi-purpose SOA platform that delivers environmental permissions services through the cloud of e-Government services and applications"
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The eEnviPer project aims to test an existing single multi-purpose cloud platform based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for providing software as a service in five different European countries. The project will demonstrate the benefits of SOA and cloud architecture by integrating complementary existing systems that support environment-related permit procedures and provide digital services for permitting authorities at different levels (local, regional and central), enterprises, consulting services (i.e. environmental engineers)and civil society (either individual citizens or special interest groups such as NGOs). Systems that can be supported for the provision of our proposed services include: (i) GIS decision support systems for public authorities, (ii) workflow systems that facilitate the issue and monitoring of environmental permits by providing digital services to enterprises, (iii) participatory Web 2.0 platforms that encourage public consultation in environmental issues and (iv) knowledge management systems (KMS) that empower environmental engineers during the elaboration of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies.

Through the use of our proposed platform, each pilot country will be able to manage multiple grouped services related with the life cycle of environmental permits. The proposed systemis built on new Service Oriented Architectures, which will also allow extension of basic existing services and development of new ones. The ultimate goal of the project, therefore, is to support electronic transaction of the public authorities with businesses and professionals, which is achieved on one hand, by improving the efficiency of public administration internal processing functions, and on the other hand, by electronic availability of procedures for elaborating environmental impact studies, issuing of environmental permits, monitoring of environmental impact of various economic activities and elaboration of public consultation

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