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NaTouR - "A complete approach for the joint management of natural resources in the cross-border Area aiming at the promotion of ecotourism and the protection of ecosystems"
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The project aims to create the appropriate innovative tools to promote ecotourism in these ecologically sensitive areas sharing the common characteristics and the exchange of know-how between the stakeholders so as to seize the opportunity of promoting ecotourism and in the same time preserving the natural resources of the area.

The objectives of the project are:

• To promote new alternative and sustainable tourism approaches such as ecotourism with the use of innovative means and promote cross-border cooperation on the sector of ecotourism and natural resources management

• To support environmental bodies to their tasks of protecting the natural resources and environment and also informing and mobilize the public

• To create a single and integrated cross-border ecotourism destination

• To support the sustainable development of the cross-border area with the enhancement of the pre-existing infrastructure.

The actions of the project are focused on innovative ICT TOOLS and consist of

• Development of an eco-tour Web portal that will implement WEB 2.0 and WEB GIS innovation providing an interactive platform where visitors will participate proactively in the development of information by uploading multimedia (ex. photographs, videos) associated with specific landmarks of the area thus enhancing the content of the NATouR portal.

• Development of software applications for the basic environmental management. A crucial tool enabling the monitoring and recording of environmental indexes in NATURA 2000 areas such as the movement and actions of the protected species           

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