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GREEN VINEYARD - "Environmental Optimization of Viticulture with the use of Precision Agriculture Technologies"
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In the light of the real need to practically improve the environmental performance of viticulture and prevent the misuse of pesticide and chemical fertilizers, soil erosion and their effects on water quality, the overall aim of GREEN VINEYARD is to develop an innovative approach that integrates Precision Agriculture (PA) technologies and Integrated Crop Management (ICM) practices in order to protect natural resources and sustain a profitable future for grape and wine production.

PA is a farming management concept based on observing and responding to intra-field variations. It relies on new technologies like satellite imagery, sensor technology and information technology. ICM is a system of crop production which conserves and enhances natural resources while producing food on an economically viable and sustainable foundation. It is based on a good understanding of the interactions between biology, environment and land management systems.

GREEN VINEYARD envisages enhancing the role of ICM through the use of PA for targeting inputs according to the actual needs of crops. This will be achieved with the selection, adaption and deployment of information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) for monitoring the local crop environment (soil, water, crop and air).  The overall concept of GREEN VINEYARD adopts a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates crop physiology, viticulture practices, agricultural engineering, information technology, sensor technology and quality assurance.

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