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AeroVis - "Urban clusters impact on regional Air pollution and climate and generic visualisation software for satellite data applications"
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The proposed research effort in the project will enable a better understanding of the urban sources of air pollution and on the effect of anthropogenic aerosols on the climate as well as de-termining the needs of the research community and key potential clients (e.g. ESA) regarding data visual-ization and the interface between the actual data as made available by the satellite data provider and the visualization software. Experience gathered from previous cooperation among consortium partners will be used to implement an advanced visualization software for long time series of air pollution and climate data. Urban clusters have become a prominent political and economic topic in China, increased numbers of medium and small cities, increase of population, intensive urbanization and anthropogenic activities are the main features in these regions. As a result, increasing pollutant emissions and serious air pollution are caused in those regions. Further, anthropogenic aerosols may impact regional climate indirectly, through their effects on cloud formation and precipitation. Part of the proposed work will focus on a better under-standing of the distribution of sources for major air pollutants, particularly aerosols, in the selected region, and their impact on climate.

Project No. 12CHN408.

Within the AEROVIS project an application for the viewing of the remote sensing data was developed ( ).

Services that we provided

• Project Management
• Development of transformation mechanisms necessary to enumerate the geodatabase from the original satellite or ground based data
• Development of geodatabase.
• Development of web based platform for the data discovery, data visualization and data export functionalities.

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