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Technical Assistance for Airborne, Satellite and Ground Based Measurements during THERMOPOLIS Campaign
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Also the phenomenon of surface urban heat island (thermographic images of Athens from the multispectral camera aircraft and satellite data) is Studied as well as the corresponding atmospheric phenomenon (graphical isotherms, the surface measurements).
The main expected outcomes of the project from the extensive database can be summarized as follows:
I. Analysis of data required for the future establishment of an infrared detector adapted to a satellite with a sufficient number of passages from areas of interest. The satellite data are targeted in the future to provide sufficient spatial and temporal coverage of the surface temperatures in European cities.
II. Refinement algorithms that provide Air and Surface Temperature for urban areas and the neighboring countryside with high spatial resolution (5 to 90m), so as to allow the spatial variation of the phenomenon of urban heat island effect in cities.
III. Analysis of all data packets generated by the air-ground measurements, satellite data to qualitatively assess the contribution of each type of measurement to assess the phenomenon of urban heat island.
IV. Study of the energy balance of a big city (Athens) for a more effective energy policy.
V. Prognosis of heat episodes and proposals for actions to address them.
The campaign, called Thermopolis 2009 from the classical Greek terms for hot (thermo) and city (polis), was led and coordinated by Prof. Spyridon Rapsomanikis from the Democritus University of Thrace. It was carried out as part of the Urban Heat Islands and Urban Thermography project within the framework ESA's Data User Element. Four Greek administrations also participated in the project: the city of Athens, the municipality of Amaroussion, the Hellenic National Meteorological Service and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

Financed by European Space Agency (ESA) (ESPRIN/Contract No.22693/09/I-EC) 

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