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The Digital Environmental Registry (DER) is the continuation of the successful project of DRAXIS Environmental S.A., eEnviPer  (, which was funded by the European Union and completed in March 2014.

The DER platform enables the online submission of Environmental Impact Studies for activities that belong to the A1 and A2 categories, as well as the monitoring of the process of issuing, renewal or amendment of the Environmental Conditions Approving Decisions and the Standard Environmental Commitments.

DER is based on the workflows provided by the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change.

The main users of DER are:

  • the studier that uses the platform to submit the Environmental Impact Study and monitor the whole procedure
  • the competent authorities that contact the environmental permit
  • other bodies that are involved in the environmental permitting procedure
  • citizens & environmental organizations that are offered the ability to be informed and to keep track of any environmental permitting procedure and its results.

The benefits of the DER are:

  • the automation of the environmental permitting procedures through the use of the online management system
  • the improvement of the whole process with more qualitative and transparent procedures
  • the simplification of the permitting procedure, the reduction of the time required for the monitoring and approval of the study, the reduction of bureaucracy and related costs
  • the ability to share information and services from DER to the three systems of the Service Oriented Architecture  on which DER is based.
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