Geoinformatics Projects

Development of Geographical Information System applications in ArcGis environment and development of Security Subsystem

The project involves the development of GIS applications in ArcGis environment and development of security subsystem


Development of digital backgrounds for the Management Centre of Traffic Control

The action is part of  the project "Intelligent urban mobility management and traffic control system".

Thessaloniki's Intelligent Urban Mobility Management System is a unified effort of the key players of the city dealing with urban mobility, transport and environment.
The system aims, through the services provided, to help citizens move around the city easily avoiding the traffic congested areas and also to raise the environmental public consciousness and to promote public transportation and alternative ways of transport (walking, cycling).

Customer: Hellenic Institute of Transport, CERTH (HIT/CERTH)

Geographic Information System for the City of Lamia

Project involves the installation of a Geographic Information System aims to provide electronic services via the Internet to upgrade the quality of information services and people associated with geo data, the Municipality of Lamia to its inhabitants.


Water, Soil & Ecosystem Management System of lake Karla

Water – Soil - Ecosystem Management System of lake Karla

Customer: Ministry of Environment and Public Works

Partners: ENVECO S.A.
Development of public broadband access points and interactive services of digital content for the Municipality of Esonia

The aim of the project was the implementation of infrastructures and innovative services that the Municipality of Aisonia (currently Volos) would offer to its citizens and visitors as well as the enterprises of the area. These services included online tourist maps, mobile information services and installation of infokiosks and Bluetooth access points.

Partners: AMCO

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Research projects

  • GEOKLIMA - "Design and Development of a climate G.I.S." (2011)

    The project “Geoclimate” aims at developing an integrated Geographic Information System which will have the potential for management, analysis, modelling and visualization of the information that is related directly or indirectly with the climate of Greece, the factors that determine its time evolution from the past to present as well as the projections in the near future.

  • EDHE - "Hellenic Network of Solar Energy” (2011)

    The project  aimed to design and develop an integrated system for real time monitoring of the available solar potential in Greece, to produce detailed solar energy maps and to predict solar energy in short term periods. 

  • CASSANDRA - "A multivariate platform for assessing the impact of strategic decisions in electrical power systems" (2012)

     Project CASSANDRA aims to build a platform for the realistic modeling of the energy market stakeholders, also involving small-scale consumers. CASSANDRA will not provide another tool for visualization. Rather, it will provide users with the ability to test and benchmark working scenarios that can affect system operation and company/environmental policies at different levels of abstraction, starting from a basic level (single consumer) and shifting up to large consumer areas (i.e. a city).