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Environmental Impact Studies

Because of the magnitude of human interference in natural environment and the effects caused by various anthropogenic activities and projects at local and global level, it is imperative need to review and study all the parameters that lead to harmonious coexistence of man and his environment. Environmental impact studies and their standards established by a series of EC directives and national legislation, ensure environmentally friendly operation and implementation of projects such as road construction, port development, landfills and facilities such as sewage treatment facilities, industrial plants, public buildings, hotels etc.




Studies of industrial risk

Control and management of risks and consequences of  major technological accident, has now become a social and legal imperative. Technological or industrial accidents are considered the major accidents that affect people and environment outside the boundaries of an industrial establishment.

For the control and prevention of major technological accidents, Europe determined her policy according to legislation 82/501/EEC (Directive SEVESO) and subsequent amendment (89/610/EEC), which were adopted by the Greek legislation relevant JMD (18187/272/88 and 77119/4607/93). The Directive SEVESO was revised in 1996 by 96/82/EC, which was entered into force in 1999. 

In summary, the legislation specifies that SEVESO industrial facilities that store or handle hazardous substances in quantities above certain limits are required to develop risk analysis and internal emergency plans in order to estimate, prevent and confront any major technology accident. At the same time, local authorities are obliged to draw up external emergency plans to coordinate actions to protect citizens and the environment.


DRAXIS with long experience in matters of safety and risk studies can offer complete solutions using technologies such as specialized simulation models, environmental data bases and Geographic Information Systems. The sectors in which DRAXIS is activated, are:

  • Risk Studies
  • Security Studies
  • Studies SEVESO 1 & 2
  • Response plans major accidents (SATAME)
  • Risk Management Systems
  • Accident Simulation Models




Assesment Studies Assesment Studies Assesment Studies

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