DRAXIS invests in developing know-how in new technologies and practices. The company in order to keep up with the forehead of development, is involved actively in research activities financed from the European union as well as from proper funds.  The 10 percent of the investments in last decades were given in the growth of innovative solutions and the management of research work, aiming the production of innovative products.

The last 5 years the company has developed a wide network in the academic field by subsiding actions that came from new researchers as well as by trusting research activities in academic institutions. All these result in  company's research action and in future proposals given to the company for undertaking new activities.

All these strengthen the company's research profile and give added value in the company while simultaneously the company becomes  pole of attraction of new collaborators and executives. The expectation of company is on the one hand  the commercial exploitation of research experiences and on the other hand the use of innovative practices in the everyday routine.

DRAXIS has participated in research projects on:

  • Valuation of environmental policies and measures
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Specific problems of air pollution
  • Environmental assessment activities using indicators (benchmarking)
  • Noise -Noise pollution- Acoustics
  • Environmental systems relational databases (RDBMS)


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